Centre for Implementation Science CIS

What is CIS

The Centre for Implementation Science (CIS) is based in the Faculty of Health Sciences at the University of Southampton. We are committed to working with the five universities in Wessex and to utilising the most appropriate skills and resources to support the Wessex Academic Health Network (AHSN) and their Quality Improvement Programmes.

The CIS Vision

To provide research and analysis for health and social care improvement programmes to increase their impact and spread of evidence into practice for the benefit of people in Wessex.

CIS Main Site

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What you'll find on this site...

This site contains some of the data analysis and data intelligence that the Centre for Implementation Science has completed or developed to date, including information on:

Data projects

View here for information on our current data projects and to see some of the analyses we have completed to date. We specialise in the gathering of data, collation of data from multiple sources and dissemination in order to provide intelligence about health and social care across Wessex.

Data visualisation

We are developing interactive tools to allow the viewing of large data sets intelligently; interactivity allows the user to interrogate the data themselves and present the information in a way that is useful to them. Look at our data visualisations here (coming soon).

Data sources

Looking for health and social care data for your own projects? There is a wealth of public data freely available online and many other sources exist for more specific needs. View our sources page to find out where you can access your own data for your own projects.